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Brigitte May

Looking into the social media aspects of the 2015 Canadian election allows for some insight into the shifting influence of the internet. The nickname of #elxn42 speaks to the growing influence of the internet and social media. Comparing the scale in which people were involved via social media will reflect its influence. Through observing the social media presences of Harper and Trudeau we can see how their skill on the web is integral to their popularity. The effectiveness of memes illustrated a new satirical plane in which the public could express their opinions and concerns in a digestible and humorous way.

Social Media Culture


  • The Former Conservative Party Prime Minister
  • 8 Years in Office
  • Probably doesn't know what a selfie stick is


  • Son of Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
  • Elected Leader of the Liberal Party in 2013
  • Knows how to fall down stairs "safely"
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