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The 2015 election was only the 18th election that First Nations people have been able to vote in. With, on average, voter turnout on First Nations reserves being 17 percent lower than the Canadian average, the Assembly of First Nations worked to increase that number and swing up to 51 ridings.

Activist Culture

Activist culture is the culture created by a collection of people or groups that want to bring about social or political change. 

The 2015 Canadian Election was a time where many different activist groups lobbied for change. After 8 years of the Conservative party's majority government the average Canadian felt that it was a time to make Canada more socially and politically inclusive and environmentally forward thinking.

Stop Harper

With the Liberal Party recently revoking their promise of electoral reform, many Canadians have protested this decision. Drawing attention to the constitutional right to fair representation in government, that Pierre Trudeau established, many Canadians feel that the promises made in 2015 to get the Liberals elected were lies.

51 Ridings: Aboriginal Swing Ridings

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